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inter- +‎ fuse


interfuse (third-person singular simple present interfuses, present participle interfusing, simple past and past participle interfused)

  1. To fuse or blend together
    • 1861, Various, Atlantic Monthly, Volume 8, No. 48, October, 1861[1]:
      They seem to be so interfused with the emotions of the soul, that they strike upon the heart almost like the living touch of a spirit.
    • 1909, William James, A Pluralistic Universe[2]:
      Novelty, as empirically found, doesn't arrive by jumps and jolts, it leaks in insensibly, for adjacents in experience are always interfused, the smallest real datum being both a coming and a going, and even numerical distinctness being realized effectively only after a concrete interval has passed.
    • 1914, May Sinclair, The Three Sisters[3]:
      It was interfused and tangled with Greatorex's sublimest feelings.