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inter- +‎ montane


intermontane (not comparable)

  1. Between mountains.
    • 1915, Albert Gardner Robinson, Cuba, Old and New[1]:
      The distinct types of relief include regions of high mountains, low hills, dissected plateaus, intermontane valleys, and coastal swamps.
    • 1916, Francis Lynde, The Taming of Red Butte Western[2]:
      Later, the discoveries of rich "pocket" deposits in the Red Butte district lifted the intermontane hill country temporarily to the high plane of a bonanza field.
    • 2001 November 23, Paul Tapponnier et al., “Oblique Stepwise Rise and Growth of the Tibet Plateau”, in Science[3], volume 294, number 5547, DOI:10.1126/science.105978, pages 1671-1677:
      Sediment infilling, bathtub-like, of dammed intermontane basins formed flat high plains at each step.



intermontane f

  1. feminine plural of intermontano