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Blend of interactivity +‎ passivity, coined by cultural theorist Robert Pfaller.


interpassivity (uncountable)

  1. A state of passivity, particularly cognitive or emotional passivity, enabled or facilitated by the appearance or potential of interactivity
    • 1998, Slavoj Žižek, “Cyberspace, or, How to Traverse the Fantasy in the Age of the Retreat of the Big Other”, in Public Culture[1], volume 10, number 3, page 483:
      [] interpassivity, the exact obverse of "interactivity," which refers to the sense of being active through another subject who does the job for one []
    • 2009, Mark Fisher, chapter 3, in Capitalist Realism: Is There No Alternative?, Zero Books, →ISBN:
      A film like Wall-E exemplifies what Robert Pfaller has called ‘interpassivity’: the film performs our anti-capitalism for us, allowing us to continue to consume with impunity.
    • 2010, Juha Suoranta; Tere Vadén, Wikiworld, Pluto Press, page 133:
      [] the true motivation for readymade laughter in TV comedies is interpassivity: I don't have to engage in recognising, sympathising with and interpreting the drama.

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