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interrupt +‎ -ive


interruptive (comparative more interruptive, superlative most interruptive)

  1. Acting or tending to interrupt
    • 1997, John Cleese and Iain Johnstone, Fierce Creatures, Jersey Films; distributed by Universal Pictures, published 1997, spoken by Vince McCain (Kevin Kline):
      Oh, well, gee, look, if this communiqué is in any way—uh—sleep-interruptive, I'll—uh—re-telephone you later.
    • 2007 May 24, Stuart Elliott, “Madison Avenue Says Hello to ‘Hello,’ Again”, in New York Times[1]:
      “Advertising being an annoying, interruptive medium, ‘Hello’ is kind of a nice salutation, a friendly way of introducing yourself,” said Lee Clow, chairman and chief creative officer at the TBWA Worldwide unit of the Omnicom Group who has long worked for Apple.

Derived terms[edit]