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From intervene +‎ -ive cognate with French interventive



interventive ‎(comparative more interventive, superlative most interventive)

  1. Serving to intervene or interpose; intervening.
    • 1817, William Jones, “Towards attaining a fixed Principle on a contested Elementary Point”, in Studies of Chess, page 405:
      The Laws, or Interventive Regulations, obviate or decide disputes, between players, respecting punctilios in placing the board and pieces, and limit the penalties for irregularities.
    • 1997 June 20, Angela Bowman, “Labor Dispute”, in Chicago Reader[1]:
      In a hospital setting, midwives are following protocols that are part of a more interventive model of care.
    • 2007 June 27, “Same-Sex Marriage: Parsing the Arguments (1 Letter)”, in New York Times[2]:
      His opposition to same-sex marriage rests upon two familiar conservative notions: the view that interventive “protection” rather than encouragement is the best way to bolster the presumably threatened institution of marriage [] .


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