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invisible +‎ -ize


invisiblize (third-person singular simple present invisiblizes, present participle invisiblizing, simple past and past participle invisiblized)

  1. (transitive, chiefly sociology) To make invisible; to marginalize so as to erase the presence or contributions of.
    • 2002, Roger Beebe, ‎Denise Fulbrook, ‎Ben Saunders, Rock Over the Edge: Transformations in Popular Music Culture
      [] there is also the danger [] that such a critique recuperates gender in terms that quite literally invisiblize the very issues of race and ethnicity which, as Rolling Stone demonstrates, are crucial to an understanding [] of rock as a musical/cultural practice.
    • 2008, Donna A. Dragon, Toward Embodied Education, 1850s-2007 (page 338)
      Furthermore, I claim this subordinate place to traditional medical systems tends to create a perception that holistic health practices are only now emerging, which can invisiblize their long history of development and utilization []