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in- +‎ weave


inweave (third-person singular simple present inweaves, present participle inweaving, simple past inwove or inweaved, past participle inwoven or inweaved)

  1. (archaic) To weave in or together; to intermix or intertwine by weaving; to interlace.
    • 1912, Apollonius Rhodius, The Argonautica[1]:
      For indeed in the middle the fashion thereof was red, but at the ends it was all purple, and on each margin many separate devices had been skilfully inwoven.
    • 1887, R. D. Blackmore, Springhaven[2]:
      Branches of sea-willow radiant with spring, and supple sprays of tamarisk recovering from the winter, were lightly inwoven and arched together, with the soft compliance of reed and rush from the marsh close by, and the stout assistance of hazel rods from the westward cliff.