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īrācundia f (genitive īrācundiae); first declension

  1. irritability, a proneness to anger, hastiness of temper, irascibility
  2. vocative singular of īrācundia

iracundia f

  1. ablative singular of īrācundia


First declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative īrācundia īrācundiae
genitive īrācundiae īrācundiārum
dative īrācundiae īrācundiīs
accusative īrācundiam īrācundiās
ablative īrācundiā īrācundiīs
vocative īrācundia īrācundiae



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    • anger is defined as a passionate desire for revenge: iracundiam sic (ita) definiunt, ut ulciscendi libidinem esse dicant or ut u. libido sit or iracundiam sic definiunt, ulc. libidinem
    • to be fired with rage: iracundia inflammatum esse
    • to be transported with passion: iracundia exardescere, effervescere
    • to be carried away by one's anger: iracundia efferri
    • to restrain, master one's passion: iracundiam continere, cohibere, reprimere
    • to prevent some one from growing angry, appease his anger: animum alicuius ab iracundia revocare



iracundia f (plural iracundias)

  1. irritability