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Pig Latin version of shit.



  1. (euphemistic) Alternative form of shit
    • 1996, "Greg Rogers" (username), "Help! My Bag of Holding keeps exploding on me! *Damn*", in, Usenet:
      Unfortunately I typed the key sequence to put all my scrolls IN my BoH. I went through this too fast, didn't catch it, and because I didn't have any scrolls in my inventory, the game starts putting everything I own into the BoH. When it hits the wand of cancellation... BOOM! *itshay itshay itshay!!!* Say goodbye to 3 magic markers, gems galore, spellbooks, 15 potions of holy water, 15 scrolls of enchant stuff and identify, another 10 blank scrolls destined to be enchant armor. *WAH!*
    • 2003 August 25, "Patrick Null" (username), "(story)Eamdray Irlgay-1959 wrds-Inspired by Andrea", in alt.fiction.original, Usenet:
      Itshay, dude, I thought you were over her.
    • 2005 March 1, "Max Leggett" (username), "Re: TURN $6.00 INTO $60,000...READ THIS TO FIND OUT HOW!!!", in, Usenet:
      Wake up Saturday morning, and look at a map. The gig's halfway down to Brighton. Itshay. But I've given my word, so I leave early, make the gig, they love me.


itshay (uncountable)

  1. (euphemistic) Alternative form of shit
    • 1992, "Brady R. Ferguson" (username), "Life", in, Usenet:
      My physics teacher is the sysop for this system (Bob Shayler), so he excitingly encourgages[sic] us to do this itshay.
    • 1998, "Jerome L. Nelson" (username), "Surely not me!, in alt.recovery.aa, Usenet:
      Well, can you BELIEVE that itshay?
    • 2003, "Max Leggett" (username), "Re: HELP- What's your download time?", in, Usenet:
      I generally never wait more than about 15 seconds - all this fancy itshay that web developers stick in just because they can: I fail to see how it advances the content. In fact it's downright detrimental, 'cause I won't wait around for it.