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Classical Nahuatl[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


Karttunen (1983), Lockhart (2001) and Andrews (2003) all write ītztli (IPA(key): /iːtstɬi/), but Lockhart says "It is not entirely certain that the i of the root is long."



  1. obsidian
  2. an obsidian knife
    • 1547, Andrés de Olmos, Arte para aprender la lengua mexicana, ed. by Rémi Siméon (1875)
      Ytztli, navaja de piedra, nitz, vel nitzhui
    • 1912, Isabel Castañeda Ramirez, Tèhuehuentzin ihuan tochtli, ed. and tr. by Franz Boas and Herman K. Haeberlin; in "Ten Folktales in Modern Nahuatl", The Journal of American Folklore, vol. 37 (1924), p. 346
      ximanilli in aitztli [sic; error for itztli?] nian huetztoc, ica xinechmitzminilli, ihuan xinechmoyezatliti.
      Take this obsidian knife and wound me with it and drink my blood.

Derived terms[edit]


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