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jacket +‎ -less


jacketless (not comparable)

  1. Without a jacket (coat).
    • 1828, Sam Spritsail, Chapter 2, in Paisley Magazine, Volume I, No. 6, 2 June, 1828, p. 299,[1]
      He has no time to dress, but snatching his jacket and trowsers in hand flies off. Tom Pipes gives chace, and mercy on the jacketless shoulders if he comes within arm’s length of them.
    • 1891, Thomas Hardy, Tess of the d’Urbervilles, Chapter 29,[2]
      The evening, though sunless, had been warm and muggy for the season, and Tess had come out with her milking-hood only, naked-armed and jacketless; certainly not dressed for a drive.
    • 2004, Philip Roth, The Plot Against America, New York: Vintage, 2005, Chapter 7, p. 259,[3]
      [] looking in broad daylight exactly as press photos pictured him broadcasting from the NBC studio Sunday nights at nine: jacketless, in his shirtsleeves, with the cuffs rolled up and his tie yanked down and, pushed back from his forehead, the hard-boiled newsman’s fedora.
  2. Without a jacket (book cover).