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jacobinize (third-person singular simple present jacobinizes, present participle jacobinizing, simple past and past participle jacobinized)

  1. Alternative form of Jacobinize
    • 1854, Fisher Ames, Seth Amers, John Thornton Kirkland, Works of Fisher Ames:
      Great efforts will be made to jacobinize Massachusetts, and to elect Gerry, though many think Mr. A. will be the jacobin candidate.
    • 1884, Orestes Augustus Brownson, The Works of Orestes A. Brownson: Civilization, page 189:
      They assume an attitude towards the government of distrust, if not of hostility, and exert their influence to jacobinize the church instead of destroying her, as the revolution would do if it could.
    • 1895, John Healy, Maynooth College: Its Centenary History, page 694:
      Such unwarrantable steps could not make proselytes of the Catholic military ; it might, in time, make them indifferent to all forms of worship, and thereby jacobinize them upon the French scale, and, perhaps, in the hour of danger, induce them to forget their duty and their loyalty, in order to be revenged of their persecutors.