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Alternative forms[edit]


Jacobin +‎ -ize


Jacobinize (third-person singular simple present Jacobinizes, present participle Jacobinizing, simple past and past participle Jacobinized)

  1. (transitive, sometimes derogatory) To convert to Jacobinism; to radicalize in opposition to the government.
    • 1796, Edmund Burke, Letter to a Noble Lord on the Attacks upon his Person:
      Happily, France was not then Jacobinized.
    • 1845, Thomas Arnold, The Edinburgh Review - Volume 47; Volume 81, page 211:
      We are threatened by a most unprincipled system of agitation—the Tories actually doing their best to Jacobinize the poor, in the hope of turning an outbreak against the whig government to their own advantage.
    • 1998, Hilda Kean, Animal Rights: Political and Social Change in Britain Since 1800:
      If labourers were barred from pleasures they would Jacobinize the whole country, he declared.