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Blend of jelly +‎ helicopter


  • (UK) IPA(key): /ˈdʒɛ.liˌkɒp.tə(ɹ)/


jellycopter (plural jellycopters)

  1. (usually humorous, sometimes childish) A helicopter.
    • 1999 April 10, Richard Brown, “The Brotherhood of PEace”, in, Usenet[1]:
      All we care about is peace. Nout about the latest Apache jellycopters to go into service.
    • 2018 May 7, Pete, “Re: Suffolk Game & Country Fair”, in, Usenet[2]:
      Beyond (upwind) of the scurry ground, about 100 yards away, tops, the very busy A12 trunk road. To the right of the scurry ground, "have a go" archery. And beyond that the flaming jellycopter.
    • 2018 June 23, Tickettyboo, “Re: Gozo”, in uk.people.silversurfers, Usenet[3]:
      ooh you are oodles braver than I am....I am scaredy of jellycopters :-)