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jerk +‎ -wad


jerkwad (plural jerkwads)

  1. (slang, derogatory, Canada, US) A jerk; an obnoxious person.
    • 2001, William Bernhardt, Murder One, Ballantine, →ISBN, p. 110:
      And frankly, jerkwad, you're not worthy to lick the dirt off his briefcase.
    • 2001, Bill Roorbach, The Smallest Color, Counterpoint, 2003 pbk ed., →ISBN, p. 222:
      Hidge said, "Someone with a license, jerkwad."
    • 2003, Weekly World News, "Confidentials", December 16, p. 23:
      You're not crazy, just extremely annoying. Go soak your head, jerkwad.