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jingoistic +‎ -ally


jingoistically (comparative more jingoistically, superlative most jingoistically)

  1. (manner) In a jingoistic manner.
    • 1976 April 26, Sally Beauman, Henry Reconsidered—Royal and Shakespearean in New York (magazine),
      But how will American audiences respond to the play? Will they find it too jingoistically English, too warmongering, or will they find it as complex and perturbing a work as the company believes it to be?
    • 1980, Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters, Michigan Academician, Volume 13,
      Vienna's other important liberal daily, Die Zeit, also supported the invasion of Serbia, although less jingoistically and in a more restrained tone than either the Neue Freie Presse or the Neues Wiener Tagblatt.
    • 1992, Nancy Armstrong, Leonard Tennenhouse, The Imaginary Puritan: Literature, Intellectual Labor, and the Origins of Personal Life,
      Published in 1919, this anthology was jingoistically titled The Great Tradition: Selections from English and American Prose and Poetry.