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jock +‎ -ocracy


jockocracy (plural jockocracies)

  1. (US, slang) Rule by jocks (athletic macho men).
    • 1976, Florynce Kennedy, Color Me Flo: My Hard Life and Good Times
      And I see a clear relationship between militarism, jockocracy, and sexism ... Everything in this country is a hustle, so why settle on sports or jockocracy?
    • 1990, Woman of Power
      Rhythm and blues for Black community radio, I Love Lucy for women, jockocracy for men, heroin for the junkies: Nielsen says they like it.
    • 1999, Joseph McBride, Steven Spielberg: A Biography
      "Big Spiel," as he came to call himself, formed his own tight little social circle in response to his exclusion from the jockocracy of Arcadia High School.