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judgmatical (comparative more judgmatical, superlative most judgmatical)

  1. judicious
    • 1902, Frank R. Stockton, Kate Bonnet[1]:
      Ye provide weel for your family, although ye tak' no' the pleasure therein ye might hae ta'en had ye been content wi' ane wife, as the Holy Scriptures tell us is enough for ony mon, an' ye hae sufficient judgment to tak' the advice o' a judgmatical mon about your lands an' your herds; but when it comes to your ca'in' yoursel' a pirate captain, it is enough to make a deceased person chuckle by the absurdity o' it."
    • 1887, R. D. Blackmore, Springhaven[2]:
      "That's what I call judgmatical," old Mike shouted, with a voice that rivalled cannon; "whoever thought of that deserves three epulets, one on each shoulder and one upon his head.