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jump page (plural jump pages)

  1. A page of a newspaper on which an article is continued, having been started on a more prominent page.
    • 1999, Lawrence N. Strout, Covering McCarthyism: How the Christian Science Monitor Handled Joseph R. McCarthy, 1950–1954, Greenwood Press, ISBN 0313310912, page 65,
      The New York Times, after running a front-page story (which included rebuttals on the jump page) about the McCarthy speech, also ran an editorial.
    • 2005, John C. Whitehead, A Life In Leadership: From D-Day to Ground Zero, Basic Books, ISBN 0465050549, page 88,
      Who, I wondered, was included among the et al.? I hastily turned to the jump page and saw that, sure enough, along with eighteen others... there was Goldman Sachs.
    • 2006, Meyer L. Stein, Susan F. Paterno, R. Christopher Burnett, Newswriter's Handbook: An Introduction To Journalism, Blackwell Publishing, ISBN 0813827213, page 310,
      sidebar   A facet of a major story that usually runs on the same page or jump page; features angles not covered in main story.