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Varanus salvator


From Sinhalese කබරගොයා (kabaragoyā).


kabaragoya (plural kabaragoyas)

  1. The water monitor, Varanus salvator, a large lizard of Southeast Asia.
    • 1923, The Tropical Agriculturalist, Volume 60, page 287,
      The Chairman said that Kegalla raised the question of protecting the Kabaragoya from destruction and the Department of Agriculture took up the matter [] .
    • 2007, Amitav Ghosh, Incendiary Circumstances: A Chronicle of the Turmoil of our Times, page 37,
      [] I remember after-school cricket matches on Layard's Road and wickets knocked over by kabaragoyas; [] .
    • 2009, H. Ronken Lynton, Veiled Destinies, page 52,
      Cobras had nothing to fear from men; their most deadly enemy was the kabaragoya, of which two called our campus home.
    • 2012, Arcadius (Shelton A. Gunaratne), Village Life in the Forties: Memories of a Lankan Expatriate, page 150,
      A kabaragoya, scenting food, tried to drive away the crows, slashing at them with its tail.