kaiser roll

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kaiser roll (plural kaiser rolls)

  1. Alternative form of Kaiser roll
    • 2007, Jane Stern, ‎Michael Stern, Roadfood Sandwiches:
      The bread is shaped like a kaiser roll but crowned with a mantle of seeds and coarse salt so abundant that it crunches audibly when bitten.
    • 2011, Donald A. Gazzaniga, ‎Maureen A. Gazzaniga, No-Salt, Lowest-Sodium Soups, Salads, and Sandwiches, page 195:
      It's a hard roll, more specifically a crusty kaiser roll, sprinkled with caraway and coarse salt instead of the more familiar poppy seed topping.
    • 2013, Ava Dellaira, Love Letters to the Dead:
      So I go into the girls' bathroom, eat the kaiser roll as quickly as I can, and throw the paper bag in the trash for tampons.