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karabiner (plural karabiners)

  1. Alternative spelling of carabiner
    • 1996, J. R. Blackford, Materials in mountaineering equipment: A look at how processing and heat treatment influences the structure and properties of aluminium alloy karabiners, Steve Haake (editor), The Engineering of Sport, page 161,
      Karabiners are clip fasteners which are used extensively in rock climbing and mountaineering. [] A karabiner’s primary task is to link the rope to protection, but they are also used to clip in to belays, to hold equipment and for abseiling.
    • 2005, Tony Lourens, Guide to Climbing, page 50,
      However, looking after your gear can add years of use to rope and karabiner alike. [] Karabiners can last 10 years or longer if they are looked after.