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From karyo- +‎ -megaly


karyomegaly (uncountable)

  1. (cytology) The condition of having an enlarged cell nucleus.
    • 1895 April 1, “Connective Cells of Gastropods”, in Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society, volume 15, number 2, page 167:
      As the cell grows the large size of the nucleus appears to diminish, but in some cases karyomegaly exists, as in the mantle of Zonites, of slugs, and of Prosobranchs, the circumcerebral tissue of snails, and the tissue around the otocyst in Cyclostoma.
    • 1999, Andrea Manni, Endocrinology of Breast Cancer[1], page 85:
      In addition, mammary glands in transgenic mice exhivited an increased occurrence of multinucleated cells, and some nuclei were enlarged (karyomegaly), with a hyperchromatic appearance.
    • 2013, G. W. Richter, International Review of Experimental Pathology: Kidney Disease[2], page 368:
      For the few chemical compounds where the histogenesis of renal adenocarcinoma has been studied in detail, karyomegaly is often seen as one of the earliest cellular alterations which can be related to carcinogen exposure.

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