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From Afrikaans kennetjie (little chin).


kennetjie (uncountable)

  1. (South Africa) A children’s (boy’s) game where a short stick is flipped into the air by a longer stick, batted and hopefully caught by ‘fielders’.
    • To celebrate the establishment of a living Pioneer Museum as well as the construction of the ‘jukskei’ and ‘kennetjie’ courts which will indeed ensure that the Voortrekker Monument Heritage Site is a living heritage site, a ‘boeresport’ day is being organized for 24 August 2002. Several events, such as ‘jukskei’, ‘bok-bok’, ‘skilpadtrek’, ‘haanskop’, ‘kennetjie’, egg tossing, ‘giffie’, ‘stoktrek’ and sack races have been planned. [1]
    • Ron, your kibbel kabbel game sounds like 'kennetjie' that boys played here. One stick is put into a groove and another (longer) stick is used to hit the first…Result
  2. (South Africa) The short stick used int the game kennetjie.
    • A groove is cut in the ground, and the kennetjie placed across it. Any number of people can play. The first, using the long stick, flicks the kennetjie into the air and then hits it as far as he can and one of the other players throws it back, trying to get as close to the groove as possible. Result



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