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Alternative forms[edit]


From Lao ແຄນ (khǣn).



khene (plural khenes)

  1. (music) A traditional musical instrument of Laos, being a type of bamboo mouth organ.
    • 1951, Norman Lewis, A Dragon Apparent, Eland 2003, p. 296:
      There are processions led by dancers with castanets and accompanied by musicians playing the Kène.
    • 1997, Dolly Brittan, The Hmong, Rosen Publishing 1997, p. 32:
      The khene was once used to call warriors to fight. Now it is used for ceremonies.
    • 2000, Simon Broughton et al., The Rough Guide to World Music, Rough Guides 2000, p. 171:
      The Lao khaen, however, is the most sophisticated of all the bamboo mouth organs – it takes great skill to play it properly.
    • 2001, Mervyn Brown, War in Shangri-La, Radcliffe 2001, p. 155:
      I then suggested that he should play a tune on the khène while I improvised an accompaniment on the ukelele.


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  • kèn (traditional shawm of Vietnam)