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An original Norwegian-style kicksled
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Although the kicksled originates from Norway, the English term is a calque of Finnish potkukelkka (kick sled), equivalent to kick +‎ sled. This term possibly because arose the device appears to be first introduced to larger American audience in the form kick-sled in the Feb. 26th 1940 issue of the Life magazine in a story of the Finnish Winter War.


kicksled (plural kicksleds)

  1. A type of small sled consisting of a handlebar mounted on a pair of flexible metal runners. The driver stands on the runners and kicks the sled forward with one foot. In front of the handlebar there's often a seat for a passenger.


  • spark (used especially by the Americans of Norwegian descent)



kicksled (third-person singular simple present kicksleds, present participle kicksledding, simple past and past participle kicksledded)

  1. To travel by kicksled
    • 2009 March 24, “Bicycle? Scooter? Actually, it's both”, in Toronto Star[1]:
      They were popularized by kicksledding and dog scootering – used to keep sled dogs in shape in summer.