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Alternative forms[edit]


From kill +‎ -worthy.


killworthy (comparative more killworthy, superlative most killworthy)

  1. Worthy of being killed; killable.
    • 1945, Harper's Magazine - Volume 190 - Page 252:
      In passing may I remind you that this serene world of ours is entirely indebted to the holy Christian fathers for everything that makes firearms killworthy in the high art of mass murder.
    • 2000, America: A History in Verse - Volume 3 - Page 374:
      According to the later sworn testimony of Admiral Thomas Moorer the Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1970 the military viewed such defectors as kill-worthy spores who were helping the enemy [...]
    • 2001, Yvonne Navarro, Tempted Champions - Page 110:
      Maybe the Powers in general?" She shrugged and tilted her bottle up, nearly finishing the liquid. "You could put it that way. Since there's too many of both sides to wipe out, I'm just going for the most kill-worthy.