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kiverlid (plural kiverlids)

  1. coverlet or comforter, generally appearing as a colloquial pronunciation of coverlid
  2. carpet or rug


  • 1824, Lydia Sigourney, Sketch of Connecticut, Forty Years Since, Hartford: Oliver D. Cooke and Sons, page 110
"I ha'nt been used to seein' kiverlids spread on the floor to walk on. We are glad to get 'em to kiver us up with a nights."
  • 1830, Silas Pinckney Holbrook, Sketches, By a Traveller, Boston: Carter and Hendee, page 249[1]
Did I tell you how they sleep in Japan? Even as you and I bivouacked near the White Mountains; on the floor. A coverlid, (or as I heard a senator call it, a kiverlid) stuffed like one of our comforters, is spread upon the plank, and a billet of wood, with a place cut for the head, stands substitute for a pillow....
An' his piller's all ruffled up, an' the kiverlid all white ez snow.
  • 1913, Margaret Warner Morley, The Carolina Mountains, Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., page 172[2]
"I've made a kiverlid for each of my daughters but the least one, and I ain't made her nar'," says a woman....