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Alternative forms[edit]


knee +‎ breeches



knee-breeches pl (plural only)

  1. Breeches reaching down to or just below the knee.
    • 1918, Caradoc Evans, “The Talent Thou Gavest”, in My People: Stories of the Peasantry of West Wales, New York: Boni and Liveright, page 68:
      This Eben did every day till he grew out of knee-breeches into long corduroy trousers.
    • 1938, George Orwell, chapter 1, in Homage to Catalonia[1]:
      Practically everyone in the army wore corduroy knee-breeches, but there the uniformity ended.
    • 1967, Roland Oliver; Anthony Atmore, chapter 16, in Africa Since 1800, Cambridge University Press, published 2005, page 225:
      All over British Africa, speakers in their traditional wigs and knee-breeches presided over the rectangular debating chambers of the Westminster model, in which ‘government’ and ‘opposition’ sat facing each other.
    • 1996, Harry Mulisch; translated by Paul Vincent, chapter 63, in The Discovery of Heaven, Penguin, 4:
      Orthodox Jews, in knee-breeches, with round hats and ringlets down their cheeks, were indulging in strange jerking movements, like puppets, while reading books []