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Backwards spelling of drunk.


knurd (plural knurds)

  1. (rare) Alternative form of nerd; especially used to refer to one of several folk etymologies of the word.
    • 1975, Byte
      Richard A. Petke announces formation of Beta lota Tau, a new fraternity for campus computer freaks, knurds, hackers and assorted hangers on.
    • 1986 March 11, Ed Falk, “Horror Stories”, in net.rumor, Usenet[1]:
      The computer knurds managed to identify all the bad chips and replace them -- except for the microcode rom.
    • 2015, Ken Knight, Senator Joseph McCarthy and Lady Chatterley, AuthorHouse →ISBN
      “How much do I want to bet the young man will be a straightlaced knurd?” Isabel chimed as she thought about the prospective house guest she’ll be waiting on this summer. She used the derogatory term “knurd” she’d learned back in England from Lady Chatterly’s friends who attended the school of Eton. It was “drunk” spelled backward to refer to someone who was more interested in his studies and grades than partying and enjoying alcohol after classes.