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  1. inflection of kolla:
    1. indefinite accusative singular
    2. indefinite dative singular
    3. indefinite genitive singular



From Arabic كُلُّهُ (kulluhu, all of it). By surface analysis, kull +‎ -u. The reason for the vowel change is that Arabic short -u- was predominantly shifted to -o-, but remained in closed syllables before the tone.



kollu m (feminine kollha, plural kollha or (rare) kollhom)

  1. (with plural meaning) all; all of them
    in-nemel kolluall ants
    it-tfal kollhaall children
  2. (with singular meaning) the whole; all the; all of it
    il-ħalib kolluall the milk
    id-dinja kollhathe whole world
    Sabu l-ħalib u xorbuh kollu.
    They found the milk and drank all of it.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Grammatically the word is a pronoun, though its semantic function is more often than not that of a determiner. It usually follows a definite noun or a personal suffix.
  • Agreement can seem somewhat confusing with this word, but actually follows the general rules. The form kollu is used with masculine singulars (including collectives like nemel above), while the form kollha is used with feminine singulars and all actual plurals.