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The kremlin of Kazan, Tatarstan


From Old East Slavic кремлинъ (kremlinŭ), from кремль (kremlĭ), whence Russian кремль (kremlʹ).


kremlin (plural kremlins)

  1. (architecture, Russian architecture) A fortified, central complex found in various Russian cities.
    • 1997, Council of Europe, Cultural Policy in the Russian Federation, page 107,
      9% of historical parks are the gardens of monasteries and kremlins (fortified centres in the towns), 8% are urban ("public") gardens and only 2% are parks on urban estates.
    • 2012, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc, Britannica Student Encyclopedia, page 87,
      Several cities in Russia were built around fortresses called kremlins. Russians built kremlins for defense during the Middle Ages. A kremlin was often located along a river.
    • 2012, Konstantin Nossov, Russian Fortresses 1480-1682, page 45,
      The centre of the kremlin usually held the prince's or voivode’s court, the cathedral, and the bishop's court. This arrangement can be seen in quite a number of 16th-century kremlins. The main street of the kremlin connected this complex with the gate leading to the marketplace.