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kujawah (plural kujawahs)

  1. A camel chair or litter.
    • 1845, J. L. Login, M. D. Surgeon to the Residency at Lucknow, “Memoir on the Field Carriage of sick and wounded Soldiers in the Bengal Army”, in The Calcutta Review, volume 3, pages vii-xiv:
      [] those who have served in the late campaigns beyond the Indus, can remember the misery then endured by the sick, when carried on camels in a common Kujawah, []
    • 1880, Journal of the United Service Institution of India, volume 9-10 1880-1881, page 44:
      For the carriage of sick the camel is fairly well suited, the main difficulty being the kujawah, cradle or chair, the correct shape, size and weight of which can only be decided by actual experiment in hills as well as plains and under varying conditions.
    • 1931, Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps, volume 57, page 413:
      Casualties were evacuated by hand-carriage, riding ponies and mules and camel kujawahs, the great bulk being evacuated by kujawahs []