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kyamancha (plural kyamanchas)

  1. Alternative spelling of kamancheh
    • 1972, Ве оф тхе мунтайнс: Армениан шорт сториес:
      He recalled the heated discussions at the monastery and the monk who had insisted that the kyamancha and tar were native Armenian musical instruments, that modulation was typical of Armenian songs which were always soulful and mournful.
    • 1985, Соня Ричмонд, А мусикал журней тхругх тхе Совыет Юнион:
      The kyamancha was invented in the eleventh century and at first had only three strings. A musician named Alexander Organyan invented a kyamancha with four strings, and his daughter, Sophia Sardaryan, played one of these instruments [...]
    • 1986, Music in the USSR:
      [...] combines in his works stylistically differing material such as ancient monodic forms, with free dodecaphony and sonoristic structures, and employs in his orchestra traditional instruments — the duduk, the zurna and the kyamancha.