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From Old Swedish lø̄pa, from Old Norse hlaupa, from Proto-Germanic *hlaupaną, from Proto-Indo-European *klewb- (to spring, stumble).




  1. run along, stretch
    Berlinmuren löpte längs gränsen mellan Öst- och Västberlin.
    The Berlin wall stretched along the border between Eastern and Western Berlin.
  2. run, to move quickly forward, for a long distance
  3. run free, run off; manage not to be caught
    Vi var tvungna att koncentrera oss på att hålla i den ena tjuven, så den andra löpte.
    We had to concentrate on keeping on to the first thief, so the other one ran off.
  4. To be in the heat; to be prepared for copulation (often about a female dog)

Usage notes[edit]

  • Traces of the archaic strong conjugation can be seen in adjectives like tilländalupen.


Related terms[edit]