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Norwegian Bokmål[edit]


From Old Norse hleypa (make run), from hlaupa (run).



  1. Make way! or give way!; shout applied in cross-country skiing to make the skier in front vacate the ski track.


løype f, m (definite singular løypa or løypen, indefinite plural løyper, definite plural løypene)

  1. road or path with clear ski tracks
  2. (forestry) Steep section where lumber is being driven downstream
  3. Tagged course in cross-country running
    en krevende løype = a demanding course
  4. a track or trail (for hikers)
Derived terms[edit]


løype m (definite singular løypen, indefinite plural løyper, definite plural løypene)

  1. Animal food made from fish waste, seaweed and other ingredients macerated in warm water.
  2. chymosin or rennin; an enzyme which makes milk coagulate


løype (imperative løyp, present tense løyper, simple past løypte, past participle løypt, present participle løypende)

  1. (dairy) Making the milk run together making cheese.
    løype melk = coagulating milk (into cheese)
  2. (forestry) Make something slide or glide with the current.
    løype tømmer = drive logs
  3. Make something come off, e.g. bark off a log.
    løype never = strip off ??
    løype bjørk = strip the bark off a birch tree