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Alternative forms[edit]


lack +‎ Latin. Literally someone who does not understand the Latin language.


lack-latin (plural lack-latins)

  1. (obsolete, derogatory) An uneducated, ignorant person.
    • 1550 October 9, Latimer, Hugh, “A Sermon preached at Stamford”, in John Watkins, editor, The Sermons and Life of Hugh Latimer[1], volume 1, London: Aylott & Son, published 1858, page 288:
      But some will say, our curate is naught, an asshead, a dodipole, a lack-latin, and can do nothing: Shall I pay him my tithes, that doth us no good or none will do? Yea, I say, thou must pay him his due; and if he be such a one, complain to the bishop.