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lactose +‎ -tard


lactard (plural lactards)

  1. (slang, rare) A lactose intolerant person.
    • 2007, The Other Side, Issue 5, 5 April 2007, page 10 (advertisement):
      Our 'lactard' designer hopes innocent will make some soya options so she can also enjoy a breakfast thickie.
    • 2012, Andy Rhodes, "Wolf it down at Wolf's Catering and BBQ", The Valley Voice, Volume 21, Number 24, 28 November 2012, page 18:
      He also welcomes “glutards and lactards.”
    • 2015, Ivy Davis, "'Glutards' rejoice at Liberated Bakery", The Advocate (Mt. Hood Community College), Volume 50, Issue 18, 20 February 2015, page 4:
      As a “lactard,” I feel the pain of having a restricted diet. Yet there is hope in my life, because I can eat bread.

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