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  1. (transitive) to put, set, arrange, make
    Ar gwin gwenn a lak an den war e benn, ar gwin ruz a lak an den war e du.
    White wine makes a man down on his head, red wine makes a man down on his side.


Personal forms
Indicative Conditional Imperative
Present Imperfect Preterite Future Present Imperfect
1s lakaan lakaen lakais lakain lakafen lakajen -
2s lakaez lakaes lakajout lakai lakafes lakajes lak(a)
3s lak(a) lakae lakaas lakao lakafe lakaje lakaet
1p lakaomp lakaemp lakajomp lakaimp lakafemp lakajemp lakaomp
2p lakait lakaec'h lakajoc'h lakaot lakafec'h lakajec'h lakait
3p lakaont lakaent lakajont lakaint lakafent lakajent lakaent
0 lakaer lakaed lakajod lakaor lakafed lakajed -
Impersonal forms Mutated forms
Infinitive: lakaat
Present participle: o lakaat
Past participle: lakaet (auxiliary verb: kaout)
Soft mutation after a: a lak-
Mixed mutation after e: e lak-
Soft mutation after ne/na: ne/na lak-

Derived terms[edit]