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1996, from landing +‎ page.


landing page (plural landing pages)

  1. (web design) A web page at which a user first arrives at a website.
    • 1996, Robert F. Breedlove, Web Programming Unleashed, Indianapolis:, p 910:
      A good international landing page should have languages in some type of graphic that all browsers can read, followed by a selection of other languages that the user can shoot to quickly.
    • 2007, Richard Gay, Online marketing: a customer-led approach, page 294:
      When the user arrives at that landing page the content is not generic (as the home page will be) but specific
    • 2008, Susan Sweeney, 101 Ways to Promote Your Tourism Business Web Site, page 104:
      Your most important information on the landing page should be above the fold.
    • 2009, Shari Thurow, When Search Meets Web Usability, page 71:
      If they see their user-generated scent of information (keywords) on a website's landing page, they believe the page will help ... Searchers become confident that the landing page is giving them what they need.
    • 2010, Perry S. Marshall, Ultimate Guide to Google Ad Words, page 110:
      Is your landing page clearly about that keyword, and is the keyword used repeatedly on the landing page?


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