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Laser beams


laser beam (plural laser beams)

  1. The light emitted by a laser.
    • 1994, Stephen G. Brown - Medical Applications of Lasers II page 2
      Depending on whether the laser beam is defocused or focused, the CO2 laser can perform two distinct therapeuteic functions.
  2. (baseball) A low, hard-hit or -thrown ball.
    • 1995, Russell Schneider, Glorious Indian Summer of 1995: Season of Dreams...Cleveland, page 44, →ISBN
      Ramirez hit a laser beam home run into the right center field seats leading the 10th inning off Boston closer Ken Ryan
    • 2005, Dallas Woodburn, 3 A.m.: A Collection of Short Stories, iUniverse →ISBN
      The batter hit a laser-beam to right field. A run for Cincinnati! Now the score was five to three.
    • 2009, P.J. Dragseth, Eye for Talent: Interviews with Veteran Baseball Scouts, McFarland →ISBN, page 37
      When in doubt, so I threw my best fastball. Mantle hit a laser beam past my right knee.
    • 2010, Josh Wilker, Cardboard Gods: An All-American Tale Told Through Baseball Cards, Seven Footer Press →ISBN
      The way he warmed up his famous arm by throwing laser beams out of a sleepy, feline half-windup to some bullpen lackey armed with the added protection of a catcher's mitt.
    • 2012, Paul Kocak, Baseball's Starry Night: Reliving Major League Baseball's 2011 Wild Card Night of Shock and Awe, Digitature →ISBN, page 152
      Just as he finished that sentence, Evan Longoria hit a laser beam over the left field fence. The Red Sox season was over in a flash.
    • 2013, Roy Blount Jr., About Three Bricks Shy...And the Load Filled Up, Ballantine Books →ISBN
      One reason the rookies weren't catching too many was that Bradshaw was throwing laser beams.
    • 2014, Scott Simkus, Outsider Baseball: The Weird World of Hardball on the Fringe, 1876–1950, Chicago Review Press →ISBN, page 116
      The Bloomer Girls played a respectable brand of baseball, to be sure, but they didn't throw 350-foot laser beams from deep center, or chew Red Man during ballgames.