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laugh +‎ -athon


laughathon (plural laughathons)

  1. (informal) Something very funny; a comedy session or period of great amusement.
    • 1995, Paul Auster, Mr. Vertigo
      Oh, I had a jolly time in South Dakota, all right, a regular laughathon of nonstop fun and entertainment
    • 2000, Mike Douglas, Thomas Kelly, Michael Heaton, I'll Be Right Back: Memories of TV's Greatest Talk Show
      They were already into that raucous rhythm that made their show a TV landmark. Nonstop jokes, topping each other, full speed ahead, no holds barred laughathon.
    • 2002, Paul Auster, The Book of Illusion (page 208, ff)
      No, not what you'd call your standard laugh-a-thons. But not too grim, I hope.
    • 2002, Terrence D. Haynes, Desert Norm: A Journal/Novel About the Gulf War (page 169)
      It was a laughathon at Headquarters.
    • 2004, Carrie Asai, The Book of the Shadow (page 36)
      What if they were having a big laughathon over Heaven and her stupid crush?