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laughtrack (plural laughtracks)

  1. Alternative form of laugh track
    • 1998, Gremlin, Lurkers, ISBN 0557057973, page 102:
      I can add a laughtrack if no one in our studio audience happens to get the joke.
    • 2004, Douglas Pratt, Doug Pratt's DVD: Movies, Television, Music, Art, Adult, and More!, ISBN 1932916008:
      The monophonic sound is fine and on most of the episodes, it can be played back with or without the laughtrack, though without the laughtrack it seems a bit naked.
    • 2005, G. Allrath & ‎M. Gymnich, Narrative Strategies in Television Series, ISBN 0230501001, page 19:
      The laughtrack is a straightforward means of directing the viewers' reception by indicating which scenes are intended to be comic and by influencing the viewers' reaction to the characters.