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Alternative forms[edit]


Genericization of Launderette; originally a proprietary name (1940s) of Bendix corporation, from launder +‎ -ette.



launderette (plural launderettes)

  1. A place that has facilities for washing and drying clothes that the public may pay to use.
  2. A money laundering operation.
    • 2000, Guy Stessens, Money Laundering: A New International Law Enforcement Model (page 133)
      The distinction is by no means watertight as any 'money launderette' may become a money launderer – and hence be guilty of a money laundering offence – the moment it knowingly engages in a money laundering operation.
    • 2009, Christine Jojarth, Crime, War, and Global Trafficking (page 140)
      From drug money to terrorist finance: the launderette's many different washing cycles
    • 2015, Ibrahim Abdul Abubakar, Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (page 63)
      This is a stage at which the proceeds of illegal activity are introduced into the financial system and therefore it is the most vulnerable stage in the launderette. Perhaps this is why anti-money laundering measures are concerned about “Know Your Customer Principle.