lead carbonate

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lead carbonate (plural lead carbonates)

  1. Any lead salt containing both carbonate and hydroxide ions.
    • 1961, Walter Maxwell Gibson, The Radiochemistry of Lead - Issue 3040, page 9:
      Lead carbonate is slightly soluble in water, is insoluble in basic solution and is soluble in ammonium acetate and in acid solution.
    • 2006, Amy Forsgren, Corrosion Control Through Organic Coatings, →ISBN, page 92:
      Hock and colleagues [13] have suggested a more complex mechanism to explain why cement stabilizes lead: the formation of lead carbonates.
    • 2007, Nicholas Eastaugh, Valentine Walsh, & Tracey Chaplin, Pigment Compendium: A Dictionary of Historical Pigments, →ISBN, page 223:
      A related lead carbonate hydroxide oxide mineral, plumbonacrite (q.v.; Pb10(CO3)6O(OH)6), also exists.
    • 2013, Miguel Angel Rogerio-Candelera, Massimo Lazzari, & Emilio Cano, Science and Technology for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage, →ISBN:
      Micro-Raman analysis clearly showed the difference between the initial lead oxide (PbO) and lead carbonates (hydrocerussite and plumbonacrite mostly) whereas PbO associated to the black inclusion features progressively appears in the spectra.