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leafstorm (plural leafstorms)

  1. Alternative spelling of leaf-storm
    • 1982, Peter Straub, If You See Me Now [1], →ISBN, page 320:
      Through the leafstorm I ran toward her. She had fallen on the path, and a shower of small branches and stones came cascading down upon her.
    • 1994, Steve Noyes, Cities of India, page 38:
      A croquet peg and a baseball bat and a small lawnchair had become involved, while the lawnmower stood there, freshly primed and impatient. Father produced a pipe, and kicked up a little leafstorm as he puffed, [...]
    • 1997, James Donal Sullivan, On the walls and in the streets: American poetry broadsides, page 81:
      Amid that mimeographic leafstorm, Sloman asks how people use texts to understand their historical and political situation.
    • 2003, Carter Scholz, Radiance: A Novel, page 173:
      [...] to deal a vicious kick to the lowest box in a stack — fuck! that crumpled it, — a! and brought down the boxes above it, — rat! bursting like a leafstorm across the floor, [...]
    • 2008, Richard Flanagan, The Unknown Terrorist, page 290:
      The chorus of radio and television, the slow build of plasma image and newspaper and magazine photograph, the rising leafstorm of banners and newsflashes not only made any error impossible to rectify, they made errors the truth, [...]
    • 2010, Adam Lifshey, As Green as Paradise, page 68:
      A leafstorm cascaded upon the cavalry and the earth rent open to the angled winds. The forest canopy sprawled above them full of holes.