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leavy (comparative leavier, superlative leaviest)

  1. Archaic form of leafy.
    • 1567, Arthur Golding (translator), The XV Bookes of P. Ouidius Naso, entytuled Metamorphosis, Book 3,[1]
      Within the furthest end thereof there was a pleasant Bowre
      So vaulted with the leauie trées the Sunne had there no powre:
    • c. 1605, William Shakespeare, Macbeth, Act V, Scene 6, First Folio, 1623, p. 150,[2]
      Now neere enough:
      Your leauy Skreenes throw downe,
      And shew like those you are []
    • 1758, James Macpherson, The Highlander, Edinburgh, Canto 2, p. 20,[3]
      Thus when devouring hatchet-men invade,
      With sounding steel, the forest’s leavy head,
      The mountains ring with their repeated strokes;

Derived terms[edit]