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Alternative forms[edit]


lemon +‎ -ize


lemonize (third-person singular simple present lemonizes, present participle lemonizing, simple past and past participle lemonized)

  1. (transitive) To add or apply lemon to.
    • 1918 January 1, Mazdaznan[1], volume 17, page 228:
      Small bits of ice, slightly salted or lemonized, will stop dizziness, headaches and indigestion.
    • 1980, The Electrical Review - Volume 206, Issues 1-9:
      You can lemonise your lights, And grapefruitise your telly, You can run your hi-fi set on orange mousse.
    • 1992, Benjamin Darling, Helpful Hints for Housewives: A Treasury of Tips for the Model Homemaker, page 45:
      Wear gloves at all times if possible, and after each washing rinse with lemonized water, and apply Lemon Lotion.
    • 1999, Ann Louise Gittleman, Super Nutrition for Men: Using Nutrition to Protect, Heal and Supercharge Your Body[2]:
      Since Italian dishes can be on the oily side, learn to "lemonize" by ordering several lemon wedges that can help emulsify excess oil.
    • 2002, Ann Louise Gittleman, The Complete Fat Flush Program, page 58:
      Don't forget to "lemonize" when you add your flaxseed oil. Delicious. I encourage you to “lemonize” your salad by simply squeezing a lemon (or lime) over it instead of a restaurant dressing if you haven't brought your own.
    • 2009, Emanuel Bonavia, The Cultivated Oranges and Lemons, Etc. of India and Ceylon[3]:
      Not improbably in Oman itself the citron had been already considerably "lemonized," the latter fruit being more useful.
    • 2010, Gregory Spencer, The Welkening: A Three Dimensional Tale[4], page 221:
      “As my Auntie May Reeding Well used to say, 'When life scurvies you, lemonize it.'”