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liassic (comparative more liassic, superlative most liassic)

  1. (geology) Alternative letter-case form of Liassic
    • 1856, Edward Hitchcock, Outline of the Geology of the Globe and of the United States in Particular, page 52:
      Although in lithological characters almost every variety of rock seems to exist in the central axis of that chain, yet in fact it is composed of Jurassic and liassic deposits, lifted up ten thousand feet […].
    • 1876, John van Voorst, The Yorkshire Lias, page 195:
      Parallel to this, on the north and south, are synclinal axes – the northern one allowing the liassic rocks to appear on the coast […].
  2. Consisting of or pertaining to lias (blue limestone).
    • 1996, Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society (113-114), page 196:
      The top of a liassic stone wall/foundation, probed to a depth of 1.5 m, was recorded from 50 cm deep.
    • 2000, R. J. Brown, The English Village Church, page 57:
      A totally different liassic stone is Blue Lias, a whitish-grey stone obtainable only in relatively small pieces and difficult to dress.