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Alternative forms[edit]


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limp-dick (plural limp-dicks)

  1. (slang, vulgar) A weak male.
    • 2008, Blake Bailey, The Thought of Her, page 175:
      Hell, Bob. That wasn't a meeting. That was a chance for those limp-dicks to scold a real man.
    • 2010, Ted Wood, A Clean Kill, page 78:
      'You're a limp-dick little freak who gets off making dirty phone calls. When I catch up with you I'll wash your mouth out with soap.' He sniggered. 'You've got me all wrong, Chiefy. I'm not a freak and I am certainly not a limp-dick. Just wait a while and your wife will know all about me.'
    • 2011, Jemiah Jefferson, Wounds, page 57:
      And don't call Beckmann a limp-dick — he was a very vital force.
  2. erectile dysfunction, impotence, whiskey dick.
    • 2007, T. N. Barker, Dice, St. Martins’s Press, page 66:
      Ever since I slept with Tone, our sexual endeavors have been replaced by limp-dick disaster, []
    • Matt Casarino, Something Went Wrong, in 2008, Open 24 Hours, Original Works, page 22:
      You think I don’t know how your guilty conscience triggers a severe case of limp-dick when you’re with those sad little women?
    • 2009, Allen R. Henson, You Do Know Jack: Our Path of Self Destruction, iUniverse, page 70:
      He left I finish off with a porno style cum-shot right on Jane’s tits. I exaggerate not. From limp-dick to threesome.